Terms and Conditions

Commitment, Vision and Values

Quinta do Abacate is committed to transmitting to its inhabitants and the surrounding community that it is possible to live in a sustainable way, using the resources and natural phenomena to which we all have access, contributing to the well-being of the planet and transmitting an image of an autonomous Azores.

At Quinta do Abacate we work with nature and instill principles of ecological responsibility and environmental awareness, seeking to be an international reference and the best self-sustainable rural space in the Azores (Vision).

So, we have the following values:

– Sustainability

– Responsibility

– Authenticity

This way, we maintain our constant commitment to the three main pillars of sustainability: economic, sociocultural and environmental, defining our standards and developing our activity and objectives in relation to them.

Quinta do Abacate Rules

  • Reception opening hours are from 7 to 10 pm.
  • Check-in time from: 14:00
  • Mandatory Check-Out time between: 11am12pm, otherwise, if time is exceeded, a new daily rate will be registered. You must hand over the room keys at Check-Out.
  • Our employees are not authorized to allow check-in without payment, or by presenting the voucher from the agency with whom we have contract.
  • We do not accept checks as form of payment.
  • For questons about exporting changes and canceling reservations and accomodation, the document entitled “reservation policy” available on quintadoabacate.com website is valid.
  • On our website you can see our internal ethical policies for purchasing products, partners and COVID-19 contingency plan.


  • Breakfast is served from 7:30 am to 10:30 am, and the food available there is solely and exclusively for consumption in this place.
  • During the say, the client may, at the check-in time, decide whether he wanst to have breakfast in the following ways: room (a basket is delivered to the door with breakfast) or in the dining area of Casa Ecológica.

Accommodation and Damages

  • As a matter of respect and understanding towards all costumers, special attention is required for silence in social and outdoor areas. You must reduce all noise from 10pm onwards, as most of our customers come to rest.
  • Any damage, not resulting from the natural use of the facilities, cause by the guest or pet to the farm’s belongings and patrimony, will be a reason for indemnification payment to reimburse the farm for the losses incurred.
  • Pets are allowed in the accommodation, as long as there is no damage.

Housekeeping and Cleaning

  • The housekeeping and cleaning of the rooms is done daily from 10am to 2pm.
  • The change of bed and bath linen will be done every 2 days. In special cases, the possibility of changing bed or bath linen within a shorter period than described above may be considered.

Parking and Cars

  • The farm has parking.
  • Quinta do Abacate is not responsible for belongings left inside the vehicle.
  • If the guest, while maneuvering his own vehicle, hits another parked car, he will be responsible for paying the damages and losses caused to the other guest.

Security and Valuables

  • None of our team members will be allowed to keep money or similar documents for guests.
  • Valuables, such as cameras, jewelry, credit cards, money, passports, among others, are NOT under the farm’s responsibility.
  • Quinta do Abacate has an internal system of security cameras and night surveillance, even so, for greater security, guests are requested to always keep the doors of their rooms closed – especially at night or when outside.
  • The bedroom door should never be opened to anyone who identifies themselves as an employee of the farm without their support having been requested.


Payment relative to children:

  • 0-6 years – Free
  • From 6 years old – extra bed price (35€)
  • Even in the case of children over 14 years old, Quinta do Abacate will not be responsible for accidents that occur due to lack of attention or vigilance of parents/guardians. When noticing the lack of vigilance/care of those responsible, can advert them or make them leave the farm depending on the severity or recurrence (without any reimbursement of the amount already paid and still with the duty to give full discharge of the amount of the reservation as well as the items consumed.

Guests and Parties

  • It is strictly PROHIBITED the entry of friends or acquaintances of the guest rooms, at any time.
  • Guests can receive guests in the external areas of the farm or at the reception, during the reception period.
  • Private parties and celebrations are NOT allowed on the farm.
  • In case of events (weddings, baptisms, bachelorette parties, etc., music is allowed until midnight if there are no guests at the farm).

Complaints and Cancellation Policy

  • There is a complaints book. We appreciate that, in case of complaints, the employee is identified, the time of the occurrence and the management participates, which must be called to the place.
  • Our cancellation policy includes the following:
  • Cancellations with more than one month in advance – full refund;
  • Cancellations with more than 15 days in advance – half of the amount refunded;
  • Cancellations less than 15 days in advance – full payment. Money is not refunded.

Environmental responsibility

  • Bear in mind our values and be environmentally responsible and adopt sustainability policies.
  • Adopt the environmental 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • We request the use of hygiene products that are made available to you by the farm or that you use ecological products that are not harmful to the environment.
  • Use electricity as if you were at home, do not leave lights on in spaces you are not using or when you leave the accommodation.
  • Save water, it’s precious. Don’t leave faucets running.

Usage of Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

  • The use of the swimming pool and jacuzzi is private and for the exclusive use of guests at Quinta do Abacate, and its use will comply with these Internal Regulations, and its use by third parties not staying on the premises of this establishment or who are not enrolled in the swimming classes is prohibited.
  • Access to the swimming pool and jacuzzi is prohibited if the customer has any skin changes or inflammation of the visisual, auditory, respiratory system or any other infectious disease;
  • The use of the swimming pool and jacuzzi will only be allowed, after passing throught the indoor or outdoor shower of the changing rooms, always in appropriate attire for bathing;
  • It is forbidden to take a bath with tanning oilsor any similar product that could harm the functioning of the pumps and filters in the pools;
  • Sound devices must be for individual use (with headphones), so as not to harm the peace and well-being of the other customers;
  • it is forbidden to play sports in the pool and jacuzzi, unless there is a swimming lesson, so as not to interfere with the safety, peace or well-being of other customers. It is also forbidden to use boards and buoys that present danger to other customers, diving equipment and/or other accessories;
  • Children under 14 (fourteen) years old are prohibited from visiting or staying in the swimming pool and jacuzzi area, when unaccompanied by their parents or guardians;
  • Quinta do Abacate is not responsible for the loss of money, jewelry or valuables left in the pool;
  • Pool furtinute and utensils (chais, tables, etc.) may not be removed or used for other purposes other than those intended for their surroundings;
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the bather, both on the edges and inside the pool.
  • There will be an alcohol gel dispenser fixed next to the changing rooms and the common space for hand disinfection, and customers are recommended to wear swimming gogles within the surrounding area, in order to avoid touching their eyes with their hands;
  • Swimming is not allowed inside the jacuzzi;
  • The pool may be reserved for certain periods for swimming sessions, classes or similiar:
  • Do not place your feet and hands after a wooden grill, as there is a risk of burns.

Common Areas

  • The use of the common areas is private and for the exclusive use of Quinta do Abacate guests, and its use will comply with these Internal Regulations, being its use by third parties not staying in the premises of this establishment prohibited;
  • Sound devices must be for individal use (with headphones), so as not to harm the peace and well-being of other customers;
  • The space can only be used until 22:00, in order to respect the other guests;
  • Be careful with the barbecue fire. Any damage caused if responsibility of the person who performed it.